In Ahmadiyya an 'Umumi (maintains records) is appointed to gain knowledgeable about events in the neighbourhood and report incidents that break the rules of the organisation as well as reporting back on the habits and trends of the city/town.

In one incident a family was reported to the organisation for having held a wedding where males and females were not separated. Instead of advising the family in private that this wasn’t in accordance with Islam, the Ahmadiyya not only ex-communicated them from their religion but humiliated them by announcing their names at a Friday congregation. This maintains the emotional control element.

In Ahmadiyya you are forbidden to worship with Muslims, marry them or even take part in their funerals. Ex-Ahmadis have stated that they are made to believe Muslims are terrifying people. This keeps Ahmadis isolated from Muslims and vulnerable. Ahmadi girls have also been prevented from joining or mixing with female Muslim associations at universities. To maintain further control, you cannot write a publication in the name of Ahmadiyya without permission. This is in addition to encouraging Ahmadis not to disclose their Ahmadi identity when making complaints to the media with regard to stories that are not in their favour. Furthermore the organisation has employed computer hacking tactics to target sites that speak out against them.

Moreover you can only acquire a senior office post in the organisation if you are a member of the ‘Wassiyat’ scheme which is a pledge to donate your assets to the organisation upon your death while paying 10%-33% while you are alive. If you would like a first class ticket to heaven, then you can get it by joining this scheme which entitles you to be buried in the “Heavenly Graveyard” whose occupants are destined for paradise.

Is this a religion or a cult?