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As-Salāmu `Alaykum (peace be upon you), we are a group of Muslims and ex-Ahmadis who having studied the beliefs of Ahmadiyya over a number of years feel it is necessary to transmit the knowledge we have acquired with reference to the books of the Ahmadiyya religion.. Contact us now.

Thursday February 21, 2019
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ANT SHANT ‐ Nothing but Gibberish

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had worked his way through a whole spectrum of claims: he claimed to be a reformer, one ordained by Allah, the likelihood of the Messiah, the Messiah himself, a Zilli Nabi (shadow prophet), Baroozi Nabi (prophetic projection), a Shara’i Nabi (prophet with a legislation), the one in whom culminate all prophecies of the former scriptures, God’s wrestling prophet, an embodiment of the

virtues of all former prophets, the likelihood of all former prophets, Lord Krishna, Radr Gopal, the King of the Aryans, the Seal of Prophethood, and so on. But not enough with that: he claimed to be the son of God and even God himself… Now, if someone has got so many claims to make, then one should definitely have a look at the characteristics of such a person, whether this person really matches all the requirements so essential to prophethood (which he after all claimed for himself), such as purity of character, cleanliness, morality, reason, wisdom, spirituality, honesty, fulfilling the rights of Allah’s bondsmen; or whether this person is just a victim of mental illness, or even worse, one who sold his faith. It is interesting to note that Mirza’s ancestries and ailments (which are mentioned in my essay Daimul Marz Mirza Qadiani Gee, Kaballah ke Nabi ese hote hyn) are just as numerous as the claims he made.

During the days in which Mirza spread his religious fancies, the Muslims in the subcontinent had fallen prey to the immense pressure of socio‐political, intellectual, and spiritual decay, fear, estrangement and confusion. In this environment, Mirza began his sinisterly devised propaganda, through which he sort of mesmerized the impatient and careless masses, which consequently resulted in his success. Several thousand people began to support Mirza – basically due to their lack of knowledge, combined with their love for religion and their gullibility, as well as some other pressing circumstances. The present day Ahmadi community has descended from those people. The present day Ahmadi community consists of people who are completely unaware of facts, who were brainwashed into their beliefs right from the day on which they were born. When they finally reach the age of maturity, they happen to be Ahmadis, not because they consciously consider it to be the right thing, but because they were groomed to be such. They were made to memorize some Ayaat, some Ahadith, and some quotes, the latter of which they consider to be the ‘inspirations’ the Promised Messiah had assumedly received, that the people of this sect are ahead of all other people with regard to their knowledge and excellence, that they are invincible, etc... This is how an Ahmadi is groomed. Well, right, if one has the guts to say about each reference that ‘you people misquote us’, ‘you make references out of context’, and quarrels with regard to each and every iota, then one naturally comes to consider oneself as invincible, as born conqueror (even if this is just an assumption).

I myself was, once upon a time, under the delusion that I can overcome Islamic scholars with my knowledge of three four Ayaat, Ahadith and some quotes. But when Mr. Butt gave me a detailed account of his ‘conquest’, when he looked at me with glances that simply called for appreciation … then… well, I had heard that Maulvi (with whom Mr. Butt had debated) talk already on some other topic, and I had also met him in person… although I did not share his beliefs, I had no other choice but to acknowledge his thorough studies and his excellent way of argumentation. (After Mr. Butt had left) I was thinking for quite some time: How could a child who has hardly learnt how to walk, overcome a full‐fledged wrestler? When I was done with my analysis, I came to the conclusion that most Ahmadis are dealing just like Mr. Butt. Thank God! My case has changed from ‘being programmed’ to ‘having been programmed’. May Allah grant guidance to all other Ahmadis as well. Ameen. 1

Ant Shant –Nothing but Gibberish
Well, we were examining whether Mirza as a person, is eligible for prophethood, or not. In this regard, this most humble person is compiling some matter on different aspects of the sect to which he formerly belonged. This matter is based on his study of this sect as well as his fifty‐five years of personal experience within this sect. In this article, I shall briefly touch the different angles of Mirza’s intellectual standing, his academic excellence and wisdom. I shall be honoured if you accept my effort. My essays are fundamentally based on Mirza’s own writings, as well as those of his offspring and associates, so that my Ahmadi friends have got no reason to say that the Maulvis are all liars. Well, what else should they say? That’s what they had been taught for their whole lives…

Mirza says: The Imam‐uz‐Zaman does not, in order to face his opponents or just common petitioners, inspiration to the same extent to which he needs intellectual strength. For there are all kinds of people who object against the Holy Law. Some do so, on medical grounds, or astronomical grounds, or natural or geographic grounds. Some do so, on basis of Islamic literature, or on rational grounds. (ZARURATUL IMAM, 13/480)

One should examine the claims made by Mirza regarding his being the Imam‐uz‐Zaman, whether he fulfils the relevant requirements that have been mentioned in the Holy Quran and in the Sacred Ahadith, but let the Mirza himself define the necessary virtues, excellencies, or requirements. Even then, our dear readers will have sufficient material to make themselves a picture of his true standing. I shall hereby present you some of the Mirza’s words and deeds, with the hope that you will come to a conclusion.

Mirza’s son, Mirza Basheer‐ud‐Deen Mehmood Ahmad writes: Claims to be the Messiah or a prophet, require the person who makes such a claim, provided he is honest in his claim, to exceed all others with regard to understanding and Dirayat (that is prudence, intellectual prowess, wisdom, veracity, all such knowledge in which traditions are rubbed against the touchstone of reason – Feroz ul Lughat) HAQIQAT‐UN‐NUBUWWAH, APPENDIX 3, TAKEN FROM RADD‐E‐QADIYANIAT, P. 145, BY MAULANA MANZOOR CHINIOTI

In this article, which I have named ‘Ant Shant’ (Nothing but Gibberish), I shall present some of the Mirza’s absolutely meaningless, nonsensical utterances, words and deeds, or, to put it this way, Mirza spoke out and wrote whatever whimsical idea crossed his confused mind, without even considering what effect his doing so would have, or to what results this would have, or who would laugh at his literary efforts, or cry over them… Below are some claims made by the Mirza with relevant background information. If you go through these claims, then I think you will be in a better position to understand what I mean…

One needs to pay special attention to the message hidden behind the Mirza’s claims. Mirza Gee stated that Allah has made him an embodiment of the virtues of all former prophets. He says: At this time, God willed that the virtues of all former prophets – hallowed men of righteousness and piety, should appear in one single person, and I happen to be that person. BARAHEEN‐E‐AHMADIYYAH, 5/ 117‐8
See, according to this statement, not even during the days of the Noble Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم, had Allah willed to combine the virtues of all former prophets in the Leader of all Prophets صلى الله عليه وسلم, but then, during the days of Mirza, He had willed to do so, and that too in the shape of Mirza?
Anyway, he proceeds to say: He (i.e. Allah Most High) has given each prophet his cup, but He has given me mine filled to the brim. NUZOOL‐UL‐MASEEH, 18/477

Have a closer look at these two quotes! Does the second quote not confirm the meaning I had deduced from the first one? That all prophets, including the Leader of all Prophets صلى الله عليه وسلم were just given a cup, and that only Mirza Gee was given a cup that was filled to the brim. If any reader does not consider these two quotes as sufficient proof to show that Mirza Gee considered himself as superior to all other prophets, then how about the following one, in which he says: Several thrones descended from the sky, but your throne (i.e. Mirza’s throne) was set over all others. HAQIQATUL WAHI, 22/92

Mirza Gee has not specified to be better than any particular prophet, but he has rather presented himself as SUPER PROPHET. Our Ahmadi friends might still want to claim that we have misunderstood Mirza Gee, so let us check if Mirza’s sons give the same impression that I had got, or not. Mirza’s son Mirza Basheer‐ud‐Deen Mehmood Ahmad, who is the self‐proclaimed ‘Promised Reformer’, writes: He (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) has left a whole treasure trove of ethics and a complete code of life. Every person in his right mind must accept that only by living according to these teachings, the purpose of the Promised Messiah’s coming is truly fulfilled. AHMADIYAT YA SACHCHA ISLAM, P. 56

Well, the old man was already a specimen of its own, but then his progeny… Subhanallah! Look, we as Muslims
believe, and this fact is acknowledged by unbiased and upright followers of other religions, too, that it was
Sayyiduna Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم who has left the most perfect and complete code of life. But in the above quote,

Sayyiduna Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم is not even hinted at. Rather, every greatness and virtue is attributed to Mirza Ghulam

Ahmad, and this is in turn an attempt to fortify the Mirza’s claim of being a SUPER PROPHET. This is what the highups of this cult consciously indoctrinate their followers: that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was such a SUPER PROPHET that eclipses the excellences of all other prophets, including those of the Leader of all Prophets Sayyiduna Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم. (Na’udhu Billah!) Even God has subjected Himself to the will of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, for Mirza had been inspired with the following by the Divine: I Intend whatever you intend. HAQIQATUL WAHI, 22/108

There are countless other similar quotes, but mentioning them all would exceed the scope of this article. You can find some more details in this regard in other write‐ups by this most humble servant.

Family background
It is not easy to pinpoint Mirza’s familial background… God has taught me through inspiration the following proof: Tell them that prophets and messengers and all other men sent by God, who call others to the Lord, come from the noblest families of a people. Even from the worldly point of view, the families of such men are eligible to leadership. This is so that no one remains deprived from their (spiritual) wealth due to any kind of repulsion. So it is with my family, as has been mentioned in the inspiration mentioned in BARAHEEN‐E‐AHMADIYYAH, P.490, namely

سبحان لله تبارک و تعالی زاد مجدک ينقطع اباءک و يبدء منک

Glorified be He the Blessed and Exalted. He has increased your reverence (over that of your forefathers) by cutting them off, and by initiating (a new family line) with you, just as He had done in case of Ibraheem...


Mirza mentions his ancestry in these words:

Mughal Barlas!!! “It is a bit like this, my name is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, my father’s name was Ghulam Murtaza, my paternal grandfather’s name was Ata Muhammad, and my paternal great‐grandfather’s name was Gul Muhammad. It has been said that our family descended from the Mughal Barlas. It appears from the documents I could preserve from my respected elders; that they had come here from Samarqand.”
Israeli and Fatimi!!! “Well, one part of me is Israeli, and the other Fatemi. I contain elements of both blessed lines.” TOHFA‐E‐GOLEROYAH, 17/118

For details as to how this had become possible one could consult the above mentioned book, pages 114‐117.
By inspiration of Persian origin!!! However, preparations to become the Mahdi were in full swing. He must have read somewhere the Hadith that the one who shall bring faith back, even if from the Pleiades, would be of Persian origin. Well, but he could not fully put his actual family record aside, hence he became by inspiration of Persian origin : It must have been some seventeen, eighteen years ago that I got to know through continuous inspiration from God that my forefathers were of Persian origin. ANNOTATION TO KITABUL BARIYAH, 13/162
Afterwards Mirza’s God expresses his gratitude to this Persian man. By the way, what for?

Family from China!!! Shaikh Muhiyuddin Ibn Arabi mentioned in his Kitab Fass one sign of the Mahdi, the Seal of Saints, that his family shall have its roots in the border area of the Chinese Empire, and that he shall have a twin sister. This is how the Divine shall separate the female element from him. This most humble one was born in the same manner that was mentioned in this vision, and in accordance with this vision, my elders moved from the borders of the Chinese Empire to Punjab. TOHFA‐E‐GOLEROYA, 17/127

(How the tradition by Ibn Arabi had been manipulated, shall be mentioned at some later time.)

The proof for his relation to Bani Fatima!!! The root for being considered as from among the lines of Syeds, lies in having descended from Bani Fatima. And although I do not happen to be an Alwi, I happen to belong to this line. Some of my paternal grandmothers are authentically known to have been from the line of Syeds. In our family, at times Syed girls were brought into our family, and at other times, our girls went to them. Apart from that, the excellence of our family is not only established through word of mouth, but even God has verified it in His revelation. ANNOTATION TO NUZOOL‐UL‐MASEEH, 18/426. Now he reduces his claim to just one paternal grandmother: It is known from the history of my forefathers that one paternal grandmother from our noble family was a Syed, and from Bani Fatima. EIK GHALTI KA IZALAH, 18/212.

One more proof: And there is another inspiration to proof descent from Bani Fatima (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself had translated the Arabic text into Urdu), namely: All praise and laudations are for God who has made you the proud son‐in‐law of Syeds, and a pride for all those of Alwi descent, who are both of a similar nature, i.e. who has given you the excellence of having married into Syeds. TOHFA‐E‐GOLEROYA, 17/117. The second inspiration regarding his relationship to the Alwi household is the following:

All praise belongs to Allah, Who has given you a relationship through marriage to the Alwi household, and Who had caused you to be born in a noble family...And apart from such a noble lineage about which is clearly stated in my inspirations that it is purely Syed and Bani Fatima, it is an additional matter of honour that nowhere in Punjab, in India, or anywhere in the Muslim world is a comparatively respectable Syed family whose leadership qualities had not only been revered by the Islamic Sultanate, but even verified by God Himself, in His very own words. 2. APPENDIX TIRYAQ‐E‐QULOOB, 15/285‐6

Later on, he returned to the Mughals!!! From my father’s side, I am a Mughal. APPENDIX 5. BARAHEEN‐E‐AHMADIYYA, 21/363.

The people of his paternal cousin!!! My paternal cousin claims to belong to the Lal Begian. MALFOOZAT 6/45
Countless lines of descent!!! And I have written a number of times with regard to my family background that it is a regal one. It is a compound of Persian blood, and Bani Fatima, or to put it in more common parlance, it is a mixture of Mughals and Syeds. However, I am convinced that I have got Persian blood as well as blood from Bani Fatima, for the inspirations I have received again and again in this regard, confirm just that. 2. APPENDIX TIRYAQ‐E‐QULOOB, 15/286‐7

Mirza had written in one of his poems ‘I have got countless lines of descent…’ Well, this humble servant has got no intention to comment on this issue. It is up to the reader to accept his ancestry or not. But, just among us, what would you think about someone who has got so many lines of descent???

Mirza has not only harmed Islam through his writings, but he has set up completely new standards in badmouthing his opponents – the like of which cannot be found in the utterances of any true prophet, or Imam, or reformer, or saint, or, in fact, any moderately decent person. And yet he dares to say: God is He who has sent me as His Messenger. He has sent this weakling with guidance, faith, truth, manners and morality. ARBAEEN 3, 12/192

It would take us too far, if we were to thoroughly analyze this quote, but let us have instead a look at the manners and morality that MIrza had assumedly received from God. He says, for example:
You were from the meanest and vilest lot. HUJJATULLAH, 12/192

Your head shall be thrashed soft with your very own shoes. HUJJATULLAH, 12/205

O dog of stubborn resistance! O foolish one! HUJJATULLAH, 12/206

Before I provide you with more examples, I would like to mention another of Mirza’s claims. He says: I speak the truth. I have not said a single word that could be called a profanity. IZALAH‐E‐AWHAM 2/ 109. Now, as I am about to cite some more quotes, I would like to request you, before you continue to read – close your eyes for a moment and think of a ill‐mannered child who says these things to tease someone, or of an old nag of an inn‐keeper who is grinding her teeth and thus bickers in her anger. Ok. Now read:

Don’t talk rubbish as the man of haste. HUJJATULLAH, 12/207

Be ye damned, o mutilated ones. HUJJATULLAH, 12/209

O monkeys of Ghazna! HUJJATULLAH 12/210

You were like dogs. HUJJATULLAH 12/211

You were drowned and burnt to death, o ye feces of idiots. HUJJATULLAH, 12/220

Is he not truly a master of the pen? In just one book he has given us so many specimens of his manners and morality. This was not one half of his ‘pearls’, not a quarter, it was barely a single grain out of a cauldron filled with rice… Of what a remarkably high ethical standard his writings are! Such are the manners and morals with which he was sent by (his) god. His writings are an ample proof that Mirza spoke the truth when he wrote that no one could call his words profanities. There is yet another superb example of his refined taste: The enemy has become like the swine in our wildernesses, and their women are worse than bitches. NAJMUL HUDA, 14/53. The ‘enemy’ includes not only scholars but all Muslims, even his close relatives and his first wife as well as her children. Come, let us believe now that Mirza was truly sent by (his) god with the best of morals and manners, and that he has indeed never ever used any profanity, and let us also agree to his statement that hurling abuses is what only the vilest of the vile do. SAT BACHAN 10/20. Now let us conclude this topic and move onwards.

Today’s talk is basically centred around statements made by ‘Imam‐uz‐Zaman’ Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. According to him, one characteristic that needs to be present in the Imam‐uz‐Zaman is that of forbearance. We appreciate this view, and have also a short look at another of his statements: Prowess of character, for Imams have to face all kind of vile, low‐born and badmouthing individuals. This is why he needs an extraordinary strength of character. He must not fly into a rage or grow mad with anger lest the people remain deprived of his blessings. It is a matter of shame when one person is considered as a friend of God, displays all kinds of evil traits, and does not have enough forbearance to put up with bitter words. It is not becoming for the Imam‐uz‐Zaman especially to fume with anger even at the slightest pretext. Such a person can never be the Imam‐uz‐Zaman. The Ayat ‘Indeed you are of a tremendous character’ must fully apply to him. ZARURAT‐UL‐IMAM 13/478. Now there should follow an incident to illustrate Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s patience and forbearance. Pir Mahr Ali Shah Golerwi  had written a book ‘SAIF CHISHTIANI’ in refutation of Mirza’s creed. One copy of this book he had sent to Mirza, too. Just a cursory glance at it made Mirza realize that this book had not much good to say about his cult. Infuriated to the extreme, he fumed: ‘I got this book from an arch‐liar (by this he meant Pir Mahr Ali Shah Golerwi  ). This book is filth! Venomenous as a scorpion’s sting! So I say: O earth of Golerah, accursed you are! Accursed of because of this damned wretch. You shall be ruined till the Day of Judgement! EJAZ AHMADI 19/188. Have you seen what happened to the forbearance of this self‐proclaimed Imam‐uz‐Zaman? A single book in opposition to Mirza’s beliefs made him curse not only the author of the book but the whole area… People who happen to live in this area shall indeed want to benefit from the spiritual blessings of the Imam‐uz‐Zaman after reading that their land shall be accursed until the Day of Judgement. We shall provide some further details, regarding this, but at a later time. Now let us move towards the next point.

According to Mirza Gee, his father was an expert physician, from whom he had acquired knowledge about medicine. How great a physician Mirza was we shall see another time, in sha Allah. Today we shall content us with just one, two examples. About Mirza’s knowledge of medicine, his son Mirza Basheer Ahmad M.A. (whose honorary appellation –according to a Mirzaic inspiration is ‘Qamarul Ambiyaa’, i.e. the Moon of the prophets) wrote: Dr. Meer Muhammad Ismail (Mirza’s nisbati brother) told me that the Promised Messiah’s approach to medical treatment was that he would not use just one sort of medicine. He would use English medicines as well as Yunani (Greek) ones together. Then he would do whatever he heard to be beneficial, even if it was just based on a dream seen by someone. He would also pray fervently and consult other doctors and physicians. He would also consult books of medicine when treating someone. In short, his treatment was an amazing mixture of many factors. And over and above all, he had perfect trust in God. SEERAT‐UL‐MAHDI, 3/270, TRADITION 906.

Great brother, great! Jumbled claims, jumbled family, jumbled character, and now even a jumbled approach to medicine. Only heaven knows how many other jumbled things there must have been. Friends, think a little! Not even an illiterate quack would do as this (self‐proclaimed) Imam‐uz‐Zaman, who said: The Imam‐uz‐Zaman does not, in order to face his opponents or just common petitioners, inspiration to the same extent to which he needs intellectual strength. For there are all kinds of people who object against the Holy Law. Some do so, on medical grounds …(ZARURATUL IMAM, 13/480) . And here we are talking about a physician who claims to be superior in knowledge to all prophets. Not just medicine, but everything this ‘prophet’ claimed or did was in jumbles – well, he must have thought, there must be something that works, otherwise… Poor people, people who believed in him, or had any vested interests, would be the victims of his medical treatment. If he gave them an injection and they survived, well, then it was his ‘miracle’, and if they passed on into the next world, then that was according to Allah’s will… Now let us see how much Mirza Gee’s own family members trusted in his skills as a physician. Let me tell you how one lady, who gave her daughter Nusrat Jahan into Mirza Gee’s wedlock (the same Nusrat Jahan who was onwards called, by order of Mirza the ‘Mother of the Faithful) coped with her son‐in‐law’s medical talent… Mirza Basheer Ahmad M.A., Mirza Gee’s biographer, wrote the following: Dr. Muhammad Ismail (Mirza’s nisbati brother) told me that the Promised Messiah had a paternal cousin, Mirza Kamaluddin. This person was entangled in the net of some ‘dervishes’ ever since his youth (however, he did not get entrapped into Mirza’s net), hence he had withdrawn himself from the world and lived a very secluded life. But unlike his brothers, he did not believe in Mirza. He would write Taweez, do Ruqya, and he even remembered how to prepare some excellent prescriptions. Hence, our mother (Mirza’s mother‐in‐law) would take medicine for Muhammad Ishaq’s treatment only from him. And the Promised Messiah knew of that. SEERATUL MAHDI, 3/224, TRADITION 831.

See, such was the ‘Imam‐uz‐Zaman’ endowed with thorough medical knowledge and intellectual prowess – and the unshakeable faith his family members had in his skills. Not even people closest to him would consult him for the treatment of their children. They would rather go his contemporaries, for they knew very well how ridiculous Mirza’s treatments were. I shall now present you with one of Mirza Gee’s prescriptions for headache. You can try it out, if you want to. I will not mind. Mirza’s son, Mirza Basheer Ahmad M.A. writes in his book Seeratul Mahdi: Once Mirza Nizamuddin (Mirza’s cousin) suffered from very high fever. The fever had affected his brain. There happened to be no physician around. (Left with no other choice), his relatives informed his holiness. He came immediately and initiated the appropriate treatment. He had a rooster slaughtered and tied it on the head of the patient. SEERATUL MAHDI, 3/27, TRADITION 511. No comments from my side… this tradition is self‐explanatory. Just ponder over that part of the quote which this most humble servant had underlined. If you think about it a bit longer, you will see under which circumstances people would resort to this Imam‐uz‐Zaman of intellectual prowess.

Inclination to vanities and absurdities
Everyone knows that saints, people close to God, or simply righteous folks feel naturally disgusted with vanities, vulgar stories and other useless things. They try to avoid them at all cost. If they have any time to spare after discharging their duties as a human being, family member or member of society, they use this time to worship Allah and to remember Him. If that is what a simple saint’s life is like, then what about the life of a prophet? After all, a prophet’s rank is far higher than that of a saint. He has not even a single moment, not even a split second of his time to spare for absurdities… But Mirza Basheer Ahmad M.A. the son of the Prophet of British protection has got something interesting to share. He writes in his book: Meer Shafee Ahmad Muhaqqiq Dehlavi has informed me in written that once an Arab was with the Promised Messiah and told him some absurd stories about African monkeys and people. His holiness sat with him and was amused. Neither did he show signs of ennui, nor did he stop him from telling those stories, saying that they were wasting his time. In order to please him, he sat with him to the end and kept listening to him cheerfully. SEERATUL MAHDI, 3/215, TRADITION 790.

When we read the stories of prophets and saints, we come to realize that those people hardly took out time to eat properly. They only ate to maintain themselves. They did not want any moment of their lives to pass without remembering Allah. But here, a self‐proclaimed SUPER PROPHET neither minds listening to absurd stories, nor does he seem to have any sense of loss regarding the time thus wasted, nor does he feel the least disinclination towards this form of entertainment. He even heartily laughed at those vanities for a long time – for as long as their narrator had not grown tired. But there was something he felt disinclined to. Here is what Mirza Gee has to say: It is true that during my journeys I feel disinclined to visiting any mosque. FATHUL ISLAM, 3/25.

O people who call themselves ‘Ahmadi’! If even after reading all this, you have a critical look at the life of the person whom you consider to be a prophet, or at least ask your leaders and scholars to explain all these things to you, then it is quite possible that you come to your minds. But: Allah does not guide one who does not have the wish to be guided.

It is possible that a prophet does not have full knowledge about all the functions of bodily organs, but there are some things that are not just known to a prophet, but even to the commonest of people, for example that God has created male and female, amongst human beings, animals and even plants. And that some of their organs are functioning in a different manner. Everyone knows that some organs fulfil functions that are not fulfilled by any other organ. For example, a male creature neither gives milk, nor does it give birth to its young ones… However, this SUPER PROPHET who claimed not to be only a physician, but also that God would never let him err, has provided us with some other specimen of his wisdom: ‘A while ago, in Muzaffargarh, a male goat was born that gave milk just as a female goat does.’ SURMAH‐E‐CHASHM‐E‐ARYAN, 2/99.

Now what to say about the Imam‐uz‐Zaman’s unique talk that surpasses the knowledge of the whole contemporary intelligentsia. The Ahmadi biologists ought to be especially interested in the result of his research. Not only has their Imam‐uz‐Zaman come up with a male milch‐goat, but even with the following: It has been witnessed a number of times that a mouse was born from dust, in such a way that half of its body was that of a mouse, and half was still dust. SURMAH‐E‐CHASHM‐E‐ARYAN, 2/99.

Mirza Gee’s knowledge covered not only animals, but also human physiology. He claimed after all to have been turned into Sayyidah Maryam, and then to be pregnant, and then to have become Sayyiduna Isa. Well, so much for himself. He had not conferred this privilege to other men. But he knows that there have been men who gave suck to children. He says: Three reliable, respectable men had come to me and informed me that they had themselves seen that men gave milk as women do. One even said that in his village there was a Syed boy named Ameer Ali. This boy was nursed on his father’s milk as his mother had died. SURMAH‐E‐CHASHM‐E‐ARYAN, 2/99.

Mirza’s gibberish about children
We had just talked about Mirza Gee’s knowledge of the biological sciences. Let me tell you a related incident. Mirza Gee thought of his son Mubarak Ahmad as the embodiment of the Promised Reformer. He hence wanted to present him as the SUPER version of his considerations. And to do that, he had undertaken tremendous pains. This is a story of its own, but the following narrative might form a part of this chain. He writes about Mubarak’s birth: ‘Two years prior to his birth, that is on January 1st, 1897, Mubarak Ahmad spoke twice from his mother’s belly. Then, two years later, on June 14th, 1899, he was born. TIRYAQ‐E‐QULOOB, 15/217.

Well, I had heard that if a male and a female snake get together in a less suitable environment, the female snake preserves the regenerative matter of the male snake in its belly and then fertilizes its eggs at a more suitable time. But I had not heard anything of the like about human beings. If you have got any relevant information in this regard, kindly pass it on. Otherwise, just imagine… two years before birth! Would it not be for modesty and shame, one could analyze the issue, then probably bang one’s head somewhere and laugh out aloud. But it does not end here. Two years before his birth, Mubarak Ahmad had sent his sister into this world. He himself however, decided to linger on, probably waiting for better times. I am not making this up. This is what Mirza Gee said himself: On 1st January, 1897, Mubarak Ahmad spoke from his mother’s belly. Then one month later, in February 1897, a girl named Mubarakah was born. HAQIQATUL WAHI 22/227.

Now research scholars may examine the following issue: Was Mubarakah Begum speaking from her mother’s belly, pretending to be Mubarak Ahmad, or had Mubarak Ahmad sent his sister in his stead, preferring to stay in his mother’s belly, feasting on menstrual blood, of which he had got after all a taste once he had opened his mouth…

An eight year old boy marries a two‐and‐a‐half year old girl. The second incident is also related to this Mubarak. He got married at the age of eight. Someone had seen a dream that Mubarak got married. This dream was interpreted as an indication that he would die. Anyway, with the hope that he might be spared, his marriage was arranged. He was thus married to a two‐and‐a‐half year old girl who was widowed six months later. At a later time, Mirza Basheer‐ud‐Deen Mehmood saw the girl during any function and married her. She became known as Umm Tahir. Mirza Basheer‐ud‐Deen Mehmood says about his marriage that he had married the girl because his mother was quite fond of her. Such were the deeds of the Imam‐uz‐Zaman who had come to remove the yoke of ignorance from the Muslims’ necks. Mirza Gee had made the world witness to his gibberish. And talking or writing gibberish is a tradition his progeny carried on.

Giving his daughter jasmine oil to drink. He gave all sorts of nonsensical medicines to his patients. Allah caused him to give his daughter oil to drink. Mirza’s son, Mirza Basheer Ahmad M.A. wrote: Dr. Meer Muhammad Ismail told me that the Promised Messiah’s daughter Ismat was the only child that had not been born in Qadian, and she happened to have died out of Qadian, too. She was born in Ambalah Chaoni, and died in Ludhiana. She suffered from Cholera. The girl was in the habit of drinking Sherbet. In other words, she was very fond of Sherbet. The Promised Messiah would always carry a bottle of Sherbet with him. At night the girl would wake up and say: ‘Father! Give me Sherbet. He would then give her Sherbet immediately. One night in Ludhiana, she woke up and asked for Sherbet . His Holiness gave her jasmine oil by mistake, because the bottles were kept in the same place. The girl had the ‘Sherbet’ and went back to sleep. In the morning, when a greasy glass was found, and it turned out that the amount of oil had diminished, the mistake was discovered. But by Divine Grace, there was no loss. Meer Sahib further mentioned that after the girl’s death, his Holiness, the Mother of the Faithful and others left Ludhiana and went to Amritsar. SEERATUL MAHDI, 3/259, TRADITION 879.

Can you imagine this? The girl died and yet he says: There was no loss… Regarding his ‘revelation’

If Allah wills, I shall write a separate article about the status Mirza had given to himself as well as to his thoughts. Right now I just want to give you a little idea, what Mirza thought about his revelations and inspirations. He writes: ‘I swear by Allah that I consider whatever I hear from Allah through revelation, to be completely infallible, just as infallible as the Qur’an. I believe, by Allah! That these are the holy words that emit from the mouth of the Divine. NUZOOL‐UL‐MASEEH, 18/477.

It might not be possible for a human being to fully explain the words of the Almighty, but this does not mean that the Almighty talks incomprehensible non‐sense. Now, if the following quotes are truly supposed to be the words of the Almighty, would then please any Ahmadi come forward and explain them?
Ghutham, ghutham, ghutham. TAZKIRAH, P. 325

Who had a single grain?
In Lahore resides a shameless one.
Humble peppermint. TAZKIRAH, P. 525

Calamity has befallen him, calamity. TAZKIRAH, P. 551
Patty patty gyi TAZKIRAH, P. 797

These are some of the countless inspirations that make no sense at all, not even to Mirza himself…
Regarding the Qur’an Mirza has not even spared the Glorious Qur’an from his nonsensical lies and falsehoods. (Na’oodhu billah!) He claimed it had been revealed in Qadian:
انا انزلناه قريبا من القاديان

And he interpreted this to mean:
انا انزلناه قريبا من دمشق بطرف شرقی عند المنارة البيضاء

Because this most humble servant happened to reside at the eastern limits of Qadian. TAZKIRAH, P 72.
As though his attributing falsehoods to the Holy Qur’an was not enough, he even interprets this ‘Ayat’ in his Punjabi style Arabic. I don’t know, whether we should cry over his blasphemies or laugh at his follies. He does not contend himself with the claim that the Holy Qur’an had been revealed in Qadian, he even says that Qadian is one of the three cities to which an honorary reference had been made in the Holy Qur’an: ‘Three cities there are to which an honorary reference had been made in the Holy Qur’an: Makkah, Madinah and Qadian.’ ANNOTATION TO IZALAH‐E‐AWHAM 3/140.

He indirectly claims that the Qur’an had been revealed to him. He says: ‘It has been inspired to me that the Qur’an is the Book of Allah, and the words that emit from my mouth. TAZKIRAH, P. 635.

There are still countless other such blasphemes – scattered all over Mirza’s writings. His words not only openly contradict the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah, but were identified as sheer infidelity by Muslim scholars and the righteous.

Regarding the Noble Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم
Mirza claimed to have been God’s Wrestler in the guise of a Prophet, and that he got this rank by virtue of his ardent love for the Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم . He also claimed to be the Second Muhammad (Na’oodhu billah!) Some of his followers even consider him to be superior to the Noble Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم. He writes at one place: ‘One who makes a difference between me and Mustafa صلى الله عليه وسلم, has neither seen nor recognized me. (This has been written in Arabic, Farsi and Urdu – Translator) KHUTBA‐E‐ILHAMIYAH, 16/259.

See, this person claims to be an embodiment of love for the Noble Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم, such love that there remains (Na’oodhu billah!) no difference between him and the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم anymore, and yet, has not even got basic knowledge about his beloved. A pupil of elementary school has got more knowledge. Let me give you some examples of the intellectually strong Imam‐uz‐Zaman’s knowledge. He writes: ‘Look at history. The Noble Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم was an orphan, whose father had died a few days after his birth, and whose mother passed away shortly after his birth, too, leaving behind a baby barely a few days old. PAYGHAM‐E‐SULH, 23/465.

And: The Noble Prophet had not even a chance to learn his mother tongue from his parents, as both of them had died before he was six months old. ANNOTATION TO AYYAM‐E‐SULH, 14/396.

And: Historians know that eleven boys were born in his home, all of whom had died. PAYGHAM‐E‐SULH, 23/299.

I leave it up to you to comment on the historical knowledge of Mirza Gee, the Imam‐uz‐Zaman of intellectual prowess and unmatched intelligence. But before I start the next topic, I would like to give you an example of the nonsense that the god from whom Mirza got his inspirations, babbled, so that you may get a better idea of the historical grey zones into which Mirza liked to drift off. Mirza mentioned one of his ‘inspirations’, which according to him are as infallible and correct as the Holy Qur’an (Na’oodhu Billah!): ‘The Messenger of Allah had taken refuge in an Indian fortress.’ TAZKIRAH, P. 506

Regarding Allah
Well, Mirza not even spared the Divine. He mentioned such traits and characteristics of God, and claimed to have such a relation with God, that not only go against the limits of reason and the Holy Law, but simply against good taste and refinement. But let him speak himself: How could man run away from God in Whose grasp is every speck of matter? He says: I shall come to you in the manner of thieves. TAJALLIYAT‐E‐ILAHIYAH 20/396.

Even though Mirza’s god came in the manner of thieves, Mirza got hold of him, and then?
انی مع الرحمن ادور
I am spinning with the Compassionate. TAZKIRAH, P. 830

But he does not give him a chance to run away...And just as he wanted to get deep inner satisfaction from words of gratitude uttered by Queen Victoria, (and never got it), he also imagined that his god ought to be grateful to him. After all, his god came to him in the manner of thieves; then Mirza was spinning with him, and kept spinning and spinning, until his god grew tired and probably forgot that he ought to be independent from his creatures. He finally thanked Mirza and was then relieved of the spinning tour. This is what we learn from Mirza’s inspiration:
ان الذين صدوا من سبيل لله رد عليھم رجل من فارس شکر لله سعيہ
Those people who keep others from the path of Allah, were stopped by man from Persia, whom Allah had thanked for his efforts. TOHFA‐E‐GOLEROYA, 17/116.

Mirza must then have thought: well, now that I have got a relation with the Divine, I should ask him what he thinks about me. Mirza’s god promptly replied:
انت منی بمنزلۃ ولدی
You are to me like my own son. HAQIQATUL WAHI, 22/89.

But Mirza had probably forgotten that one of the Divine characteristics is that He neither begets nor had He been begotten. (If it had been really Allah who inspired him, He would have never ever said anything that goes against the Holy Qur’an...) Now, after this ‘inspiration’ Mirza got bold and kept asking and asking, until his god grew tired and said:
اسمع ولدی
Listen, my son... AL BUSHRA, 1/49 11
Ant Shant –Nothing but Gibberish
Whatever you will shall immediately happen by your command. HAQIQATUL WAHI, 22/108.

But Mirza must have wanted even more. Once, when he appeared in front of his satanic god, adorned with a Ghararah (very loose, almost skirt like trousers, usually worn by women – translator), a silken belt to which he had tied his keys (that were merrily chiming as he walked – for more details regarding his dress, you could refer to Seeratul Mahdi by Mirza Basheer Ahmad M.A), and with jasmine oil. He then wrapped his soft kerchief (the other end of which was tied to his coat), and dillydallied around until he got the following inspiration:
اريد ما تريد
I want what you want... TAZKIRAH, P. 771

Now, what exactly Mirza Gee wanted, that one of his confides, a certain Qazi Yar Muhammad will tell. ‘The Promised Messiah, had, on one occasion disclosed his state. He was overcome by Kashf (an insight into things of the Unseen), and saw himself as woman. And Allah then let him experience His virility. This much of an indication ought to suffice...’ TRACT NR. 34, MAWSUMAH ISLAMI, BY QAZI YAR MUHAMMAD, B.O.L, NURPUR, GANGRAH, JANUARY 1920. Had Mirza Gee only stopped here... But he didn’t. This story takes quite a few turns, until Mirza Gee claims the following: I saw in my dream that I myself am god. And I had believed that I am. AAINA‐E‐KAMALAT‐E‐ISLAM, 5/564.

And if our Qadiani friends say that this had just been a dream, then listen to what Mirza says about dreams: A prophet’s Kashf and his dreams are revelation. AYYAM‐E‐SULH, 14/275‐6.

And Mirza considers his revelation to be as true as the Holy Qur’an, because he considers himself not only as a prophet and messenger, but as a prophet and messenger with a whole new legislation. He says: ‘Shariah is something that has, through revelation, come to contain a few commands and prohibitions. The one who appointed it as a legal code for his followers, is a legislator. This definition contains a few implications, for my revelation also contains commands and prohibitions.’ ARBA’EEN 4, 17/435.

Even a book would not to suffice to cover all of Mirza’s gibberish. My purpose was only to give my readers a little idea about Mirza’s claims. I hope this has sufficed to make readership realize how Mirza had, in order to protect his white lords, made a mess of Islamic teachings, the Holy Shariah, articles of faith and all accepted standards of morality ‐ the like of which could not be found in 1400 years of Islamic history. And today, his progeny, sitting in the lap of their white lords, continue to make fun of the Muslim Ummah. Wake up, and counter this trial with wisdom and true love for the Noble Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم. I shall conclude my article with another of Mirza’s inspirations:

‘That what you have done is in no way according to the Will of God. HAQIQATUL WAHI, 22/108.

Was Salam,

Shaikh Raheel Ahmad, Germany
January 2005

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